OC tidbits #2

Zhu et al (Buchwald lab) (NChem)

Another great reaction that I was thinking to dedicate a separate post for but will never manage. Just check out this teaser scheme: two steps, two distant stereocenters, great chemoselectivity, and so drug-like!


Thanh Binh Nguyen (OPR&D)

Brilliant batch-washing of NMR tubes in a vacuum dessicator that has already got some good publicity in the blogosphere but probably won’t get too many citations. In theory, nothing can stop you from applying the same technique to any other glassware that has a solid bottom (flasks, beakers, etc.).

This is how vacuum washing works

 Williams & Trauner (ACIE)

Guess the name reaction (step c).


But the paper is worth checking not because of this step.

Newcomb et al (Ferreira lab): (JACS)

Some tips on increasing (E,E) yield:


Just a nice example of sigmatropic rearrangement:




Author: Slava Bernat

I did my PhD in medicinal chemistry/chemical biology of G protein-coupled receptors and then explored some chemical biology of non-coding RNA as a postdoc. Currently I'm working in a small biotech company in San-Francisco Bay area as a research chemist. I'm writing about science, which catches my attention in rss feed reader and some random thoughts or tutorials.

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