Chemical Panoptikum #1

Creating new substances, sometimes just for the sake of the creation act itself, is an undeniable part of chemists’ nature. Having flawless analytical data of a newly prepared sample always fills one with mystical joy and feeling of omnipotence. And some chemical creatures are so bizarre that the very fact of their isolation and characterization causes reverence of fellow chemists. So welcome to the chemical Panoptikum, a collection of all sorts of weird structures from the recent literature. Don’t be surprised to meet boron very often here, it’s a really weird element. Continue reading “Chemical Panoptikum #1”


Expecting price drop for Americium?

This paper caught my attention immediately as I was scrolling through the rss feed. It’s not that I’m generally interested in chemistry of actinide metals. But for a chemist it’s always refreshing to be reminded of elements from the subscript of the periodic table. Continue reading “Expecting price drop for Americium?”